We specialize in Remodeling your Electrical System

Remodeling or renovating any residential or commercial building involves much more than structural changes. Plumbing, electricity, and interior design are all important aspects for you to consider. If you want to get the electrical system correct the first time, let us be a part of your remodeling team.

Renovations often involve working on older buildings. With age comes some safety concerns that go along with the wiring in older buildings:

  • Houses built before 1950 may have substandard, outdated wiring that poses a fire danger. The practice at the time was to insulate the wiring with cloth. Over time, the cloth deteriorates and falls away, leaving exposed wires that can arc in the interior of your walls and start a fire. Such wiring systems need replacement and renovation is an excellent time to tackle this task.
  • During the 1960’s and 70’s, there was a trend of rewiring houses with aluminum wiring which is also a serious fire hazard. Take a stand for the safety of you and your family by replacing any aluminum wiring during a renovation.
  • If your renovation involves an increased demand for electricity, you will almost certainly need an upgrade to your electrical panel. Renovations that include a new appliance or any significant increase in electricity such as added square footage are cases where a more powerful electrical panel is absolutely necessary.

When adding circuits to your system, it’s important to evaluate the present load on your electrical system. Overloading your electrical system could result in frequently tripped circuit breakers.

If you’re about to invest on a new remodel or complete renovation, give us a call so that we can help you plan the wiring and help to determine any potential upgrades that will be needed to your electrical system.